Can I use Dynoscale accross mutliple Heroku Apps?

Dynoscale does not support attaching to multiple apps. You must install the add-on for each app.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, billing is based on monthly prorated usage. Cancel anytime and only pay for what you use. On Heroku, navigate to the resources tab, find Dynoscale in the Addon section and click on the arrow button. Finally, click on the "Delete Add-on" button.

Worker Dynos

Which Worker Technologies are supported?

For Rails based applications Sidekiq and Resque are supported.

Will Dynoscale work on a worker only app with no web process?

Unfortunately, no. The agent libraries operate on their own web thread/process and are responsible for sending request and worker queue time to Dynoscale Servers.

Web Dynos

Will the Dynoscale addon impact the performance of my application?

The addon has no noticeable end user impact. It collects request time metrics and stores the data in an in-memery store. Periodically, the data is shipped to our servers to control autoscaling.

What metric are you using to make Web scaling decisions?

Dynoscale uses request queuing. It is the most reliable scaling metric because it focuses on the time to route the request to your application process. This is unlike the commonly used request latency which also includes the time it takes for your application code to execute. Long running application code could trigger a false positive scaling event and cost you unneeded dyno time.


Why don't I see any data on the Dyno Activity graphs?

Dynoscale relies on an agent library to publish data to our servers. It can take a up to 2 minutes after you deploy the agent library for data to appear in the Dyno Activity pages.

I've setup auto scale rules but my dynos are not scaling. What is wrong?

There are a few reasons Dynoscale isn't scaling your apps dynos:

  • There is a toggle on the upper right-hand side of the Auto Scale Rules Page. That toggle control if rules are on/off for Web and Worker dynos.
  • Autoscaling is not supported by Heroku for Free and Hobby level dynos. You must select Standard or Performance dynos to take advantage of scaling.
  • The Free and Standard plans only support Standard Dynos. Applications running Performance dynos need to upgrade to the Performance Plan.

How quickly will Dynoscale react to a scale up/down?

Agent library data is shipped to Dynoscale servers every 10-30 seconds and it can take about 5 seconds to notify Heroku to scale up. New dynos can take between 15 and 60 seconds to intialize depending on your app initialization speeds.

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